What colors do the boxes come in?

Currently the boxes come in a mill finish aluminum color, Gloss Black, and smooth finish Silver Vein. 

Will the boxes fit any trailer?

Trailers these days come in many sizes.  The tongue of the trailers are all different so it it critical that you know the dimensions of the boxes and your space before installation.

Do you make custom boxes?

Possibly.  The amount of time it takes to design, program, and manufacture a single box would put the price of that particular box out of reach for most.  If you are still interested in a custom design, let me know and we can see about getting it quoted for you.

How many days does it take to ship?

Typical transit time is between 3-5 days.  We normally have the boxes in stock and can ship next day. 

Is the box easy to install or can it be adapted to fit?

With adequate space, the boxes are very easy to install.  If the box is larger then the opening, many customers have built or had someone build brackets to span the top of the trailer tongue instead of between the tongue.  This sometimes allows for more room or the ability to fit larger batteries onto your RV.